Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new start..a new life:)

Most you you probably already know this, but big changes are coming for my lil' family this summer! We will be moving to Logan,UT!! yay! Jared got accepted to Utah State University and he will be starting classes there this fall. We went and toured the is soo nice and Logan is a Great place! We are really really excited, nervous about the unknown..yes, but excited nonetheless! I am so proud of Jared for going back to school! The awesome thing is that he only has 40 credits and he will be done with his Bachelors degree..then its off to Grad school and depending on the route he decides to take, possibly going for his PhD..but we will cross that bridge when we get there. We are going to be living in family housing on campus..for atleast the 1st year. I think it will be awesome to be there in the middle of all the college action and activities. Its always nice to meet new people, esp. others who are in the same boat as you..ya know? Its just really nice to finally have a plan and atleast know for a suretythis is where we are suppose to go. We both feel so good about this decision and we know although times will definately be tough at times, our family will be blessed for making this choice. So, since we are moving in July..July 8th to be exact:)..we have been crazy busy getting the house ready to put on the market. I ask myself daily..'Self, why did you wait 5 years to do any work on the house?' Yes, in a perfect world we would have gotten projects done around here over the last 5 years...but REALITY check! world is not perfect,soooooooo that ruins that! So now we are having to hussle to get everything finished. We are getting new carpet in a couple of once that goes in Im sure things will start flowing alot better..atleast hoping they will! We are shooting to put the house up around the 1st of March...I know, that is just around the corner..AHH!! But anywho, I have taken some pics of the process..and as we do more and finish things I will take more and post them.

DISCLAIMER: If you are a neat may not be able to stomach what you are about to view..We are NOT clean and tidy when it comes to home projects!!

The kids had to get in on the fun!

Our ghetto blanket/curtain door..until our door comes in

But when our door does come in, this is what it will look like:)

Toliet shot of the bathroom makeover!

Another view of the bathroom..still need to get the chair rail and baseboard up..but I am lovin' the beadboard!

Ok, I know there is soo much crap everywhere its hard to tell what you are looking at, but this is the kids room in total destruction! kids were buried or harmed during the painting process..

We meet again...

I know, I know it has been FOREVERRRRRRR since my last post! Over the past several months I have become obsessed with the Blog world! I can spend hours at a time browsing crafty blogs and reading about other peoples intresting lives. Alot has changed since my last blog..not only with myself, but with our little family. I feel like I have grown a ton and have learned quite a bit about myself over the past year. So I have decided to get my own blog up and going again...with the hopes that I will have obsessed fans that idolize my very exciting and inresting life..LOLLLLLLL!!! Well, one can wish, don't judge me! I guess even if noone ever reads my blog, atleast it will be good for me to write my thoughts and feeling..hopefully it will be therapuetic(if thats even how you spell it). So heres to a new year, new goals and a new life!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

DrEaM BIG!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to our national sales director, Tammy Crayk's home!!! It was amazing to be surrounded by successful, positive women! The whole night was focused on the importance of dreaming and dreaming BIG! So here are a few pictures I took while I was there!:)

Watch out world!!! This is going to be ESCALADE!! Only national sales directors get this car option!..its awesome! we were taking a tour of her home and we found the garage. I couldn't help myself..I had to pose by this hott ride:)

Michelle, Jenny, Tammy, me, Amber, Raeanne.

Me and my MK chickas!

This is only a portion of her home..couldn't get a full shot with my camera. It is beautiful! 8,000 SF with a full size workout room, theater and snack bar area...popcorn machine and soda fountain included and she has 3 seperate areas/offices for her MK stuff..that would be amazing! and just to give you an idea of how fabulous she is, she makes about $40,000 a MONTH!!!!..thats from her commissions and bonuses alone from the company, not including her sales. Boy am I dreaming big now!...You can bet your fanny I am sooo going to be there one day!!!:) I am getting so close to earning my car I can taste it and my newest goal is to debut as director by July 1st!!!..I know I can do anything I put my mind to..I will get it done! so wish me luck!!!!!:)

Me and the kiddos

Sorry for squishing your face bud:) haha

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jackson Hole Trip

We spent some time in Jackson Hole this past weekend. Every year Jared refs a wrestling tournament up there, so we just make a weekend of it. We had a good trip, it's always nice to get away for a couple of days.

Jared had to stop and take a picture of this!

This was the coolest thing! They were just hanging out in someone's front yard and they seriously were close enough we could have reached out our window and touched them!

You can tell by Eli's bright red face he had fun running around!

Melissa and Eli:)

Jared and Todd..lifelong friends!

Eli was so cute! He kept running out on the mats wanting to wrestle with Jared. He even took out some of the other refs..haha


Love my boys!

This was at my "Red Jacket" debut!..its a mary kay thing..and it's a BIG deal..its awesome!!!


The kids played like this forever! Sidney loved it!:)

I can't believe our little Sidney is 9 months today! Time has flown by soooo fast!!!! She has been crawling for awhile now and she LOVES to climb..just like her brother. She is a sassy little thing..definately lets you know when shes not happy. She is such a beautiful girl and such a joy to have in our home!! Love you sis!

It is the biggest task to get the dishwasher loaded fast enough before she does this!


More climbing fun!

It looks like she is laughing here, but she is really screaming. She didnt know how to get down. haha
This makes me laugh!

I love this picture!